We organize various activities and experiences both ourselves and with our partners according to the wishes of our customers. We also have a weekly program focused on the Arctic lifestyle, from which we can tailor different entities as needed.


Would you like to get a peek into the life of an authentic reindeer farmer and cuddle domesticated reindeer? What about fishing all year round with a local fisherman? Do you want to experience the charm of speed on a husky safari or go on a Northern Lights hunt on snowmobiles?


Interested in a getting to know the local pottery and the history of Pentik, or would you mind putting your hands in the clay and making your own souvenir?


If, on the other hand, you want a painting of our magnificent landscapes, for example, take part in the photography courses we organize and photograph your own masterpiece!



Our hotel also offers first-class ski trails, which with their versatility serve both beginners and more experienced enthusiasts. Many of Finland’s top skiers have trained on these trails!


Hiking trails to Hill Riisitunturi and Kuoppavaara also start from our yard. Opposite the hotel, on the other side of the bay, there is also an unobstructed shed(kota) and a route that is easily accessible to everybody. The shed (kota) on top of Hill Kirintövaara is also a great place to heat up and even wait for the northern lights to flare.


At our lakeside sauna, we also organize various sauna experiences with our partner Luonnokas. Professional sauna therapist Anu treats you with both peat and various domestic herbs efficiently, but softly pampering. Our hot tub crowns experiences in all seasons.