Unique Wilderness hotel

Kirikeskus is a small and unique family-run wilderness hotel, which, in addition to normal accommodation, also focuses on ceramics and nature and landscape photography, organizing various high-quality courses and events related to them. Our inspiring environment will delight all visitors and is suitable for a wide range of tourism!


The hotel is owned by Reijo and Helvi Lantto, who have been running it for fifteen years. Family Lantto also owns Holiday village Himmerki, which is located about four kilometers away with its magnificent cottages on the shores of the clear-water Lake Kitkajärvi. They have received several accolades and awards for their entrepreneurship and for promoting the business activities of the entire municipality. That is close to the heart of the couple – they know that the vitality of the whole municipality depends on strong cooperation with other entrepreneurs.

Reijo ja Helvi

Janica Suominen, who started as the hotel’s development and sales manager in the summer of 2020, is a Posio-born multi-expert who has returned to her roots from burning love to her beautiful home. Janica also has her own photography company, so it was natural for her to start developing photography at Kirikeskus as well – after all, the location is perfect for nature and landscape photography enthusiasts. 


Years of photography education also ensure that she knows what it means to have a quality photography education or event in practice.  Ceramics has also taken Janica with her and she is also responsible for the development of ceramic tourism and related events.

The love of ceramics and domestic design is evident in our hotel everywhere. In addition to its magnificent nature, Posio is known for its Pentik and versatile ceramics. Our hotel also houses the world’s northernmost ceramic center, which also hosts international ceraimc events every year. The hotel’s two gallery spaces feature stunning ceramic art from around the world. Everything is completed by Anu Pentik’s personal handprint, which will be visible in all our rooms by the beginning of 2021 with their renovation.


Green and sustainable values, which we work for on a daily basis, are also important to us. As an evidence we have been awarded Green Key and Sustainable Travel certifications. As concrete actions these include efficient recycling, favoring local products, services and workers, and respecting and preserving our magnificent nature. We are happy and proud to tell you where the ingredients that we use in the restaurant come from. It is also important to us, for example, that the husky and reindeer safaris sold through us meet our criteria of good animal husbandry and we can guarantee it personally. Our partners also share green and sustainable values with us.


Reijo, Helvi and Janica

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